about me

Rachel was raised in a little weatherboard house alongside four sisters + an assortment of animal companions in the Northern suburbs of NSW.

It is likely her inclination for drawing was inherited from her artistic father + passion for photography from her great grandfather who shot portraits from his Tasma Photo Studios in Newtown, yet it was his granddaughter, Rachel's intuitive mother who embraced her appetite for both. She would routinely leave out piles of butchers paper, pencils + paint for Rachel to express herself with after a school day + later allowed her the use of her SLR camera to capture glimpses of life in her early teens.

Rachel draws inspiration from these childhood memories + from the natural world, layered characters, and the stories they tell. She believes it is the journey that counts + that even the smallest gestures + creatures can so often have the biggest impact. An empathy to the world that exists in both reality + imagination is what Rachel desires to portray in her work. 

She has studied, worked + volunteered in the performing arts, visual arts, arts administration + animal rescue/rehabilitation. 

Rachel now resides in an even littler weatherboard house in the Southern Highlands of NSW with her designer/partner River Wilkes, actor/daughter Indianna Gregg + an assortment of animal companions including Bambi, Tinka, Sparrow, Suki, Panda, Daisy, Pepper, Ginger + their fearless leader Gypsy the cat.